The Women of Hope Center is a discipleship based spiritual retreat for women. Our vision is to help those individuals that are caught in the vicious cycle of addiction. The minimum length of stay is (6) months which are broken down into the following levels:


This phase includes intensive classroom time. This allows the guest an opportunity to enjoy extensive Bible Study time and time to complete four participant guides in the Celebrate Recovery® curriculum.


This phase allows the guest to cement a foundation in the Word of God through a tremendous Bible Study entitled “Understanding God”, a 52 lesson history of the Bible. They also become oriented in outside Celebrate Recovery meetings.


This Phase continues the strong emphasis on Bible Study with a coarse entitled “The Master’s Voice”. The guest will also begin a transition back into society by taking part in our Work Force program.

Level 4

Community Living – This phase is a period of two months in which the guest is required to attend weekly church services and Celebrate Recovery@ meetings while maintaining contact with their mentor. This is a “trial” period for the guest to re-adjust to living in society while she may still receive guidance from mentors and counselors. The guest must pass all drug screenings during this time. After this level is successfully completed, the guest will officially graduate from the program.